Alexis Turner


Those interested in digging a little deeper into the historical record may find the following archives and collections worth the trip.

Harvard University

Harvard has over 70 individual libraries across its campuses. It was also one of the first institutions in the U.S. to begin research on LSD and was home to significant psychedelics research throughout its history.

Purdue University - Psychoactive Substances Research Collection

Purdue has a special collection devoted to the history of scientific psychoactives research. Made up of several smaller collections, it includes the papers of Stanislav Grof, Maria Dobkin de Rios, Sanford Unger, David Nichols, Charles Savage, and others. There is a large sub-collection devoted to scholarly publications on psychoactive substances. It also includes ephemera and a smattering of letters from other persons and projects of interest.

Rice University - Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library

Aldous Huxley's brother, Julian, was a professor of biology at Rice. The University maintains Julian's papers and his correspondence with Aldous, as well as copies of Aldous' own correspondence with others. A notable collection insofar as many of Aldous Huxley's papers were lost in a fire.