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Alexis Turner

Get Involved

For when hitting the website or the Curriculum Vitae just isn't enough.

Although the fine people at Harvard University support my work in many ways, having the public involved helps keep it relevant and honest, and allows my research to be serious when it needs to and not when it doesn't. Your support makes it possible for my work to see the things that others have overlooked. Your support is what makes this project matter.

Regardless of who you are, how good you look, where you work, why you're here, or what your politics are, I hope you'll find at least one way to get involved that's right for you! For those who feel so inclined, your financial support is immensely helpful in funding travel to archives, interviews, and conferences. At the highest levels of support, I can take time away from teaching to focus uninterrupted on research and writing. But I also couldn't do this project without hearing what you think, getting ideas and criticisms, being shown around a new town when traveling, or being put in touch with people who have memories of the events I study and who want to talk. You could even bring me out for a public lecture, publish my writing, or just spread the word. Ready?

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